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Amber Coe Hayden

1 month ago

I am so incredibly thankful a friend recommended I go to Vision Specialists a few years ago! Even though I'm fairly knowledgeable about medical conditions related to traumatic brain injury, I had never heard of Binocular Vision Dysfunction and was absolutely blown away at my first appointment!

My headaches, nausea, balance, coordination, and anxiety have all drastically improved since being diagnosed and prescribed prism lenses!

Every appointment is incredibly in-depth and I always feel like I'm being heard, taken care of, and getting exactly what I need, even as my needs have changed over the years.

The office is quiet and calming. The lights are always dimmed just enough to be soothing. Before COVID there were snacks (including gluten free snacks) and water available in the lobby and there were multiple options for seating, including couches and multiple styles of chairs. Since COVID, the seating has changed slightly, in order to accommodate social distancing, and there are clear shields/barriers between the front desk staff and the patients, as well as at every fitting station. They're always looking forward with research, helping you be the best you can be, and are truly a part of your medical team, and work as a TEAM to treat you AS A WHOLE person!

If I ever move away from Michigan, I would be willing to travel to be able to continue seeing Vision Specialists!

Karen Bailey

2 months ago

We were referred to Vision Specialists by my daughter's physical therapist. In August of 2019 after taking a trip which involved air travel, my daughter, then 16 years old, began experiencing severe ear pain, vertigo and imbalance issues which progressed to the point of her being wheelchair bound. She was diagnosed with vestibular migraine. Through physical therapy and finding a doctor who understand vestibular issues she improved, but still had stability issues and lingering ear related issues.

During our first visit in February 2021 with Dr. Debby Feinberg, she spent a significant amount of time asking in depth questions of my daughter and really wanted to understand how she felt and what symptoms impacted her the most. She suggested trying a pair if noise canceling headphones. That was a life changing moment for my daughter!! The smile that spread across her face was incredible. For the first time in over a year and a half she wasn't overwhelmed by too loud noises bombarding her from all directions. And when she stood and walked the benefit was profound. She had no wobbling, no drifting to the left, and she wasn't looking down at the floor trying to figure out where her body was in space. In her own words, she felt normal.

The glasses Dr. Debby added gave her more feelings of being grounded and having greater stability. We will forever be grateful for our therapist for knowing Dr. Debby could help us and for everything she has done for our daughter.

C Lynny

2 months ago

All the staff at Vision Specialists are so loving and kind, and genuinely want to help people. Dr. Sandi did a super thorough job examining me to reach a conclusion about my specific issues. What a difference addressing my simple misalignment has made! Adding prisms to my lenses was key to reducing or even eliminating many of my symptoms.

I had new lenses made through my local eye Dr. to keep supporting him also, and Vision Specialists double checked them for accuracy prior to me wearing them. I feel so relieved and appreciative that I found this solution on my own through some deep online research and a quick survey.

Brooke Horner

2 months ago

Dr Sandy is very down to earth, she makes you feel so at ease and normal. I have been suffering for five years, and had so many doctors say I am just crazy. All to find out it was my vision. The time Dr. Sandy spent with me and the care she exuded towards me was so refreshing. The extensive testing is amazing as well. My quality of life meant something to her and she has definitely improved it.

Carolyn Zuccherino

3 months ago

Vision Specialists of Michigan is the best in the business. They specialize in eye conditions and give the most thorough eye exam. You will be at your appointment for an hour or two, but you will leave with an understanding of what is truly going on with your eyes.

My glasses from Vision Specialists changed my life. If you are having difficulty with balance, headaches, dizziness, eye pain, neck or back pain, make an appointment.

cheryl wilson

3 months ago

Husband: Vision Specialists of Michigan has been such a blessing to my recovery. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, I had trouble with my vision, balance, and pain in my shoulders, neck, and head. Through Dr. Jennifer’s help, I have seen such improvements.

I am thankful for the innovative ideas they have to help me. My other eye doctor said I didn’t need glasses and the testing, they also didn’t care about my dizziness,double vision, lack of concentration, and daily headaches. I look forward to continuing my journey of recovery with my newest glasses.

Karen Beaudoin

3 months ago

I have had migraines and neck pain my whole life. I have always tilted my head, all day long.. I never imagined these conditions were related to my vision!

While in PT for neck pain and headaches, my PT noticed my head tilt and suggested I do an online assessment at Vision Specialists... I scored a 49, and the office called me... the testing proved that I needed prism lenses and when I got my glasses I was AMAZED at how well I could see. It was like I have never seen so clearly, ever! Dr Jennifer and the staff were absolutely top-notch! Everyone was kind and professional- it was a great experience and I would recommend Vision Specialists to anyone.

My neck pain and headaches are greatly reduced and I am so grateful! Thank You, Dr. Jennifer and Vision Specialists!

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  • American Academy Optometry
  • American Optometric Association
  • Michigan Optometric Association
  • VEDA
  • Neuro Optometry Rehabilitation Association

Dr. Sandy DiPonio earned her optometry degree from Illinois College of Optometry in 1996. She is a highly skilled and experienced eye care professional dedicated to giving her patients of all ages excellent and compassionate care. She has a wide variety of experience in binocular vision, pediatric and adult eye care, ocular disease and contact lens fitting. She strives to provide each of her patients the best quality of life they can achieve with their vision through knowledge and education of treatment options.

Dr. DiPonio is a member of the American Optometric Society and Michigan Optometric Society.

Dr. Sally Hoey has been practicing optometry since graduating from Michigan College of Optometry in 2001. During her time in optometry school, she developed an interest in binocular vision, culminating in a senior thesis involving binocular vision.

Prior to joining Vision Specialists of Michigan, Dr. Hoey specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of vision-related learning problems as well as other binocular vision disorders. Her other areas of interest include specialty contact lens fittings and treating dry eye. Dr. Hoey strives to provide her patients with clear, comfortable vision while meeting their individual needs at the same time.

Dr. Hoey had the opportunity to provide eye care on an optometric mission trip to Guyana, South America and vision screenings at a local medical clinic. She is a member of the American Optometric Association, Michigan Optometric Association, Metropolitan Detroit Optometric Society and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Dr. Jennifer Place graduated with honors from Michigan College of Optometry in 2001.

Before joining Vision Specialists of Michigan, she specialized in treating pediatric and adult patients with binocular vision disorders and vision-related learning problems, as well as fitting specialty contact lenses and managing various types of ocular disease. She enjoys working with patients with unique visual needs, and she takes great pride in providing all patients with highly customized care.

Dr. Place has volunteered for Opening Eyes, a program that provides eye exams to the athletes of the Michigan Special Olympics, and she participated in an international mission to St. Lucia to provide eye care to those in need. Dr. Place is a member of the Detroit Optometric Society, the Michigan Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association, the College of Vision Development, and the Optometric Extension Program Foundation.

Dr. Mary Jo Ference has been practicing optometry since 1990 upon graduating from Ferris State University- Michigan College of Optometry, and is certified in Low Vision Rehabilitation. She has worked at Sinai-Grace Hospital systems for over 20 years before joining Vision Specialists of Michigan in 2013 to work with binocular vision disorders. Her clinical areas of expertise include visual rehabilitation of pediatric and adult patients who have suffered from brain trauma, injury or disease. She has taught both optometry and ophthalmology residents at Sinai Grace Hospital. Dr. Ference has sat on numerous boards, including Sinai Grace Hospital, Berry Out-Patient Surgical Center, and Seedlings Braille Books for the Blind. She is actively involved in area school districts to provide education, training and access for students, teachers, OT’s and PT’s to eye care service rehabilitation information. Dr. Ference has lectured extensively nationally and internationally.

Dr. Debby Feinberg began practicing Optometry in Oakland County in 1983, upon graduating from Illinois College of Optometry. She joined her father, Dr. Paul C. Feinberg, at Mall Optical Center, which was located in Summit Place Mall.

Since 1995 Dr. Feinberg has been developing the field of NeuroVisual Medicine which is the optometric subspecialty that identifies and treats neurological / medical symptoms that originate directly or indirectly in the visual system.

Dr. Feinberg has been performing pioneering work with Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD), a condition where a vision misalignment (frequently subtle) creates difficulties with the two eyes working together to create a single 3-dimensional image, and difficulties with the two eyes following that image as it moves.

The symptoms caused by BVD are not usually associated with problems with the visual system, and include headache, dizziness, anxiety and panic, persistent post-concussive symptoms, gait instability and balance problems, frequent falls, neck pain, motion sickness, nausea, and reading and learning problems.

In 2004. Dr. Feinberg established Vision Specialists of Birmingham, specifically designing the practice to accommodate the needs of the NeuroVisual Medicine patient.

In 2011, the office moved to its current location in Bloomfield Hills and updated its name to Vision Specialists of Michigan.